The Atheist

As strange as it may seem, I am a big fan of American Family Radio. Sometimes, I just need to get my blood boiling. I have no love of the content or a desire to worship god, but I enjoy hearing those different viewpoints. The primary reason is because I used to think the same way. Also, there is never a shortage of comments that make me laugh or feel disgusted.

What I hear most often is a reference to Atheists as a singular group of morally bankrupt liars. AFR loves to debate politics with the help of like-minded callers. Whenever Atheists are mentioned, the assumption is that we are all socialist hippies who love abortion and want to undermine the “sanctity” of marriage by giving the same rights to homosexuals.

Atheism is a lack of belief. I hear Atheists debate this endlessly. AFR points at us and claims that we are somehow setting up our own religious movement, and honestly, who can blame them? It does seem that way. After all, Atheists fight passionately for things like keeping Intelligent Design out of textbooks, revoking “under god” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and most importantly — separation of church and state. A large majority of Atheists support equal marriage.

What lies at the heart of all the political movements, the ideas about equality, and the right to choose is actually a reversal of the religiously imposed morals that many of us dealt with for so long. The belief in a deity comes with laws concerning right and wrong. The Bible told me at a very young age that homosexuality was WRONG — not only wrong, but a hell-worthy offense. When I left Christianity, my mind had to be reshaped, because the laws of god didn’t matter anymore. Humanity became far more important.

I have met Atheists who claim to be socialist, communist, humanist, libertarian, democrat, republican, environmentlist, etc. There is very little to unite these people, but we are still united. Though the world may see us and believe we do it because we want set up our own little Atheist church, the fact still remains that “moral” issues will continue to unite us as long as this archaic sense of morality continues to chip away at the equality of other human beings.

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