The Victim Mentality: The War on Christianity

It’s the same old, tired argument. The people on top love to feel like they’re being dragged down by the people on the bottom. I’ve heard a few white people claim that they are treated worse than black people, because everyone hates them and blames them for their problems. Christians are no different. Actually, they’re FAR worse. Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center, said, “religion clauses protect atheists but afford no comparable protection for Christians.”


This is not uncommon. Bryan Fischer, American Family Radio, claims homosexuals are purposely trying to destroy marriage (he also claims homosexuals gave us Hitler). Pat Robertson believes atheistic professors and liberals are going after evangelicals like Hitler went after the Jews. The list goes on and on…and on. At this point, it’s hard to say anything but, “WAAAAHH!!!”

The Internet is littered with blogs, articles, and videos screaming that there is a “War on Christianity.” Why? Who can really answer that? Perhaps it is because they love to feel hated. Maybe it’s because playing the victim gets more sympathy.

AtheistConnect has the real answer. Christianity in America IS under attack. Not so much Christianity as much as the uncivilized, ancient rhetoric and hate shoved down the throat of every American today. Despite the war waged by us, the tiny and most distrusted minority group in the U.S., Christianity is still doing surprisingly well.

Look at these shocking, yet still boring statistics:

1. There are over 450,000 churches in the United States. There are approximately 125,000 schools. The ratio is more than 3:1.

"No caffeine. No black people."

2. In 2002, 82% of the country claimed to be Christian. [7]. That makes Christians the largest majority group in the United States, but then again, those dirty Mormons probably claimed to be Christian too, but we all know they’re just a cult.

3. Lakewood Church in Houston, TX spends $1.5 million on utility bills each year. That’s $4,109.50 every day. Pastor Joel Osteen’s pay is $200,000 annually.

4. Christians have successfully stopped legislation granting equality to homosexuals (marriage and adoption) is several U.S. States.

Christianity has declared war on the minority groups in America. It’s declared war on humanity. Homosexuals are chastised and hated, called immoral, condemned to hell, and denied equal rights. The vast majority of churches in the U.S. remain segregated. Science teachers, college professors, and other intellectuals are painted as Liberals and Communists who hate America. Smaller denominations within the Christian church are referred to as cults.


When a person who is not plagued by religious thought takes a second and analyzes the world around him/her, it becomes obvious that something is wrong. Something does not measure up to true morality, which acts outside of religion and tells us that the oppression of any other human beings is wrong. Yes, there is a war on Christianity today! And it’s a good thing too.

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5 Responses to The Victim Mentality: The War on Christianity

  1. wingers81 says:

    If there realy is 82% Christians in the US the loudest ones are the Westboro Baptist Church type people that spread the hate. If they would open up there bibles and actually read it they would see that is not what God or Jesus would want. For those people who call them selves Christians I would suggest reading Romans 2:1 (it says ” You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”) If Jesus was here today he wouldn’t be carrying signs that say God hates fags or God loves dead solders. You might be surprise to know that there are some Christians ( me included) that could care less if homosexuals got married. Yes it goes against what we believe but no ones say if they pass the laws to allow it they would have to be married in Christian ceremony and I would challenge the church that would do it not the government that allows it. I have homosexual friends and I would not condemn them because it is not for any of us to judge any one else. Thats Gods job and he I’m sure he would frown upon anyone who tries to do that. As far as Christians being under attack yes it happens. You should take a look at this video . It’s an interview with S.E. Cupp, an atheist who agrees that that there is a war on Christianity and religion in the U.S. The problem with Christianity is that there are too many that are like the Westboro Baptist church that make the rest of us look bad.

  2. Rimjob Bob says:

    Old Rimmy here again.

    Looks like you took some of Old Rimmy’s advice and used it in this new post. Guess I’ll have to stick around a bit and see what you have to say.


  3. nickloyd says:

    Good article. I think i genuinely understand what you are describing and experiencing with church people, though I might not describe it quite as universally as you do. And, I know I should be offended or something, but I just feel like I would probably like you if we ever met and talked about things.

    Keep up the writing!

    • Thank you. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I just want to encourage debate. I am a humanist, so a lot of my frustration comes from the injustices I see. I have a deep understanding of what it means to be a Christian. I grew up in the Bible Belt, spent my life in church, and was a youth worker for just over a year at a church in Texas (this is when I lost my faith). At the same time, dealing with the consistent abuse flowing from Evangelicals today has become difficult to stomach.

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