Getting ready for The Big Camping (get it?) Trip

If you didn’t get it, go read other posts.

He winters in Austin, a fact I lament knowing.

Seems like the end is coming. That guy with the billboards out on Times Square was right! And so was the cowboy in his underwear singing with his guitar. Sadly, he only said that their was joy to be had in life, not as important as the end of the world. This guy offers some advice. We thought we would help prepare you for these end times with a list of to do’s:

1) Be very surprised. We mean totally surprised. If these guys are right, Brian will eat his research…he works at a body farm as a putrefaction microbiologist.

OK, so you read our blog. You must not have been raptured. Good news, we are still around too. We are sure of it. Now a list of things to do if you haven’t been raptured:

1) They are finally gone. Get happy. Super happy. All those self-righteous morons have moved on. Sure, we may have been wrong, but now nobody is around to tell us.

2) Orgy! You know you wanted to but couldn’t find people. With all the good people gone, it should be much easier.

3) Steve Coerper recommends repenting. This may be a good idea at this point honestly, but make sure to do the orgy first.

Y2K predicted by my pants.

Seriously folks, the Mayan 2012 thing has more validity than these guys. Although, it seems they are happy to keep that money rolling in after they are gone. I have a feeling that after the rapture, toilet paper will have more value than cash. My zipper predicted the end of the world and it was wrong to. We here at Atheist Connect will be working hard to keep you up to date and will be up all night May 21st (at the bar) to keep you informed when the world ends.


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Just an atheist and a scientist out to have fun.
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