The End is Coming…but we’ll still take your money

Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, Inc, has predicted that the world will end on May 21, 2011. So, we’ll be happy to blog about this more on May 22nd. Until then, please enjoy this screen shot from the Family Radio, Inc website. FYI, we drew the circle and arrow ourselves, but we wouldn’t put it past them to do the same thing in the next few days.

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6 Responses to The End is Coming…but we’ll still take your money

  1. Mattimaticus says:

    Is Warren Jeffs aware of this? If not, someone needs to tell him.

  2. TopCat2x2 says:

    LOL, even the coming of the end can be handled so much better with a sense of humor. So keep it coming and I guess we’ll be able to deal with anything 🙂

  3. wingers81 says:

    As a Christian I find this funny. The bible says no one will know when the end is coming.

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  5. extro1 says:

    hahaha this is great! Im going to post this May 22nd too.

    • Karen says:

      Good morning BrendanI am wonrkig as a Supporting Actor with one payslip away from joining Equity. I am starting at the bottom but as soon as I get the card’ I will be looking for small parts to start with. I know with SA its what is asked for but what annoys me is that after joining the Agency, how when I go on an assignment, people have not joined or signed a contract and paid to have photo’s done and yet they get constant work and I have done this thinking I would not get work. Not only is it unfair, but puts me in a position where I feel if I complain, I will be putting myself in a bad position which is why I have not. I have read your book which is great and I noticed that I have already do the some of things you talk about naturally. Thank you for that xx I am not yet an Actor and have only gained the B-Tec National with 16 Distinctions, 8 Merits and one pass. I have not been in a position to take up the work until now some time after my B-tec. I joined a local theatre and was totally ingnored as they are a click’ even after reading for every play, wonrkig as a lighting tech, painting sceans etc. I gave it my best and currently looking for another theatre to join. (Brush myself off and start again)! I live outside of London but was about to join an Agency there as well as where I live, but at this time, its the cost. The reason for this is how to get work on other projects like Downtown Abby etc. I know I have probably answered my own questions but it is good to talk. With kindest regardsThe old fossil

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