Announcement — End of the World Watch

The earthquakes May 21st are just indigestion

On May 21st, AtheistConnect will be providing hourly coverage of the end of the world. We will begin a 12 am Eastern and end at midnight Pacific. During that time, we will be listening to Family Radio and letting you know what they’re saying.

If the world has not ended by 6pm, we will be completing our coverage at a local bar. We’re pretty excited about that one!!!

So get ready! We’re going out in style!

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4 Responses to Announcement — End of the World Watch

  1. Hensatri says:

    I will be celebrating the end of the world in the delightful company of good friends, pretty women (not mutualy exclusive), and strong drinks. Jesus had better show.

    • Anthony L. says:

      Hahaha. Right? It’s on a Saturday. Perfect day to be at the house of sinners with a good drink while waiting for the earthquake.

      • justmeangie says:

        I’ll be home taking care of my little one. He’ll be about two-months-old at that time so I’ll be way too busy to notice if the world ends. 😉

      • Tosun says:

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